A List of the Best Online Guitar Stores


For the past couple of years or so, I’ve stopped going to guitar stores, and I now buy all my guitars and accessories online. For me, it’s just an infinitely better way of buying what I want, mostly because it’s extremely convenient, and only a few mouse clicks gives you access to a guitar inventory 10x larger than the largest guitar store I’ve ever been to!

So without further ado, here is a list of some of the popular online guitar stores (and I’ve personally bought stuff off most of these at least once before):

1. Sweetwater

A US-based musical instruments store which carries a large inventory of all things guitar – including acoustic, bass, electric and semi-acoustic guitar instruments, amplifiers, and pickups, as well as accessories like strings, tuners, metronomes, etc. They also offer all sorts of discounts, rebates, savings (such as holiday savings), and special offers as well. Their customer support is pretty great (prompt and professional) in my experiences, and they accept multiple payment methods. Plus you won’t be disappointed with their inventory! All things considered, Sweetwater is easily one of the best online guitar stores.

2. GuitarGuitar

GuitarGuitar one of the largest online guitar stores from across the Atlantic (and they have a lot of physical/brick-and-mortar guitar stores in the UK as well). While I’ve personally never had the chance to order anything from them, I’ve had a few friends (who are also musicians) buy tons of stuff off the website and they all seem to have good things to say about the website. They’ve got plenty of guitars in stock – acoustic, electric, bass…you name it. You can browse through the guitars – all arranged according to categories such as latest guitars, best-sellers, etc.(there’s even a separate category for left-handed guitar players), shop according to brands, and so on. All prices are in Pound Sterling. Finally, I’ve heard nothing but good things about their customer service!

3. ZZounds

ZZounds is another terrific online guitar store which has a large inventory of Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Ibanez, Peavey, Marhsall and ESP guitars (to name just a few), and guitar accessories to choose from, among other musical instruments. All guitars are split into categories, as are all guitar accessories and hardware. You can filter results by brands, or sort them by price or popularity. ZZounds also offers flexible payment plans, allowing you to pay for your purchase in installments. Also, their return policy stands out from the rest; often times, if you buy an instrument that you haven’t used before, you might feel the need to get it changed, replaced or returned, and that’s where ZZound’s 30-day ‘no-hidden charges’ return policy might come in handy!

4. Musician’s Friend

For me, the cream of the crop in this list! I’ve personally bought tons of gear off this website and given them a lot of business, and I’ve never been disappointed! Their website is attractive and very user-friendly (not that the other websites in this list aren’t).  They have a large inventory of new and used guitars in stock at all times (4000 different guitars at the time of writing, wow!), and a bar on the left allows you to sort guitars according to price, customer rating, best sellers, discounted instruments, new/used, and of course, according to brand. You’ll be able to find some really great signature models on this website (what I would give for that David Gilmour Signature Strat!), custom-shop guitars, as well a large number of old and new models. And when you’re done, you could easily pick up just about any guitar accessory under the sun straight from the Musician’s Friend website. Tip: Musician’s Friend has a separate section for deals called the Deal Center, check it out if you’re looking for some fantastic deals, such as discounted and rebate items.

5. GuitarCenter

One of the best online guitar stores in this list, probably a close second to Musician’s Friend, is GC. GC has one of the largest inventories I’ve come across on the internet – at the time of writing, they had easily more than 17,000 (yes, that’s three zeros!) guitars in stock, with as many as 1700 vintage models! All thanks to the network of 200 stores that they have in the US full list of stores and their location is available on the website). While the bulk of their inventory consists of used guitars (as many as 13k guitars), GC is the place to go to if you’re in the market for a great deal on a great used axe. As far as new guitars are concerned, they carry all big brands and products, and they, like the others in this list, also offer some great deals on their guitars. They also offer financing options, and other goodies such as free shipping on all guitars (no minimum order level). I would suggest hitting up GC if you’re looking for a rare, signature guitar that you’ve not had any luck in finding anywhere else.

6. GuitarBitz

GuitarBitz is another UK-based online guitar store, that offer international shipping but within Europe only (mainland only, no overseas shipping). The website looks stunning, to say the least (plus no pesky ads!), and while their inventory might not be the biggest out there, you’ll most certainly find some beautiful guitars on there. What caught my eye were the number of signature models available on the website – including a beautiful Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar, or a Mark Tremonti PRS SE. In short, if you’re looking for guitars, guitar accessories, amps and effects pedals, and especially for signature or custom shop models in or around the United Kingdom, this is the place to go to! It’s just a pity that they don’t offer shipping across the Atlantic. Speaking of shipping, all deliveries are free inside the UK and all guitars ship the next day.

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